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(no subject)
i woke up really late today (like, 2 p.m.) i'm afraid i won't be able to fall asleep until at least 2 a.m., and then i'm afraid i'll sleep through my classes. i promised marie i wouldn't.

just now, on aim, i had an hour-long conversation with molly. aaron was away, and she has no other friends... so she just randomly started talking to me. and then she kept talking to me, like we don't hate each other. i don't know what's going on with molly.

so i went out to eat with marie. i don't feel like going into great detail about the entire thing, so i'll just summarize. i went to her house for a while first, and we did that whole play-wrestle thing, but it never turned sexual, always just fun. we went to the restaurant. it was the same restaurant where she and kyle went on their first sort-of date, and she kept talking about it, which to me, emphasized that this wasn't a sort-of date. there were 2 scary men at the table behind us. they started by moving my bench, and apologizing, which was ok, but then they kept talking to us (mostly marie, because she was facing them). they asked if we thought they were cute, and they asked if we wanted to go sit with them. they wanted to know our names. they said they'd pay for our dinner, just so we knew they were nice guys. marie said, 'uhhh... ok....' one of the guys said, 'but you have to let us sit with you,' and then they came and sat with us and we freaked out and they said they were just kidding. the waitress came over to our table and asked us if we wanted to move. we did. she said that the two men had been here forever, and they were really weird and they wouldn't leave. and then they got one of the guy workers to go try to talk them into leaving. i guess it worked, because they left, but me and marie were scared that when we were done eating, they'd be waiting for us outside...
at dinner, she talked about kyle and kyle and kyle... and she also mentioned christine, and she told how christine had come to visit at the store, and she had been looking for jane and sam and teena, and all the people she used to like, but they all tried to run away and avoid her, and nobody wanted to talk to her. i say, 'i want to talk to her.'
she said i was the only one. i miss christine.
we left and the guys weren't there. we went to the store so marie could buy cigarettes, and we talked to alyssa and teena and rashid for a little bit. then we went back to marie's place, and we wrestled a while more, for my lego soccer ball, this time. and then she got on her computer, and we played with the visualization options in windows media player, which is what we were doing when her mom came home. and not too long after that, i went home.

i guess it wasn't quite as bad tonight as it was last time. maybe it's just because last time, it was the first time i had seen her outside of work in a really long time, and i felt like i wouldn't ever see her again, after i left. or maybe it's just that it's a few days later, and my hormones are at a different point in their cycle. or maybe i'm getting over her. or i don't know. something.

oh, and she asked, on our way home, if i ever used to go places with molly, like this. i guess she wants to think she's special, but i tell her yes. she asks if i had this much fun with molly. it's not a fair comparison, because i never wanted to sleep with molly, and that can make a world of difference. so i just told her, 'molly never attracted the weirdos, like you do.'
she laughed, and i escaped that question. maybe living with her won't be that bad. today i actually did stuff. i did homework and i did dishes and i got stuff done. i had fun with marie. and now i think i'm going to go play a little gta before bed [because my ddr pads have still not arrived :-(]. my life shouldn't revolve around her, but that doesn't mean she can't be a part of it... and i can handle this, right?

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All I can say is that as long as you and Marie are here, I won't turn to the Young and the Restless for soap entertainment! I'm just waiting to see what happens between you two. Now that I have hours to burn between classes, I'm going to read your journal from the beginning like I always intend to. Just thought I'd let you know you've got a fan here, haha.

hehe, well, it's good to know that it's entertaining to somebody, because a lot of the time, it's sure not entertaining to me...
as for reading it from the beginning... well, you might want to re-think that... you don't know what you're getting into. i was mighty paranoid when i got this journal...

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