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(no subject)
i told marie yesterday, when we were eating, that i would probably have trouble waking up for classes today, since i had slept in so late that morning, and wouldn't be able to fall asleep until late. she called me at 10 a.m. and woke me up. she wouldn't let me get off the phone with her until i was out of bed... when normal people give me wake-up calls, i tell them i'm up. they say ok, and leave me alone, and i go back to bed. but because marie can read my mind, it actually worked, with her. she'd ask, 'are you out of bed?' and i'd lie, 'yes.'
she'd say, 'debbie, you can't lie. get out of bed. are you out of bed?'
this went on, like 10 times in a row, until as she was asking the question, i silently shifted position, and over the course of the next few repeats, i managed to get out of bed. then i answered, being careful to use the exact same tone, 'yes.'
she answered, 'good. now you have plenty of time to get ready for class, so i'd better not find out that you skipped any classes today.'
at that point, i was awake enough to thank her. my alarm is not half as persistent as marie, and she's a whole lot hotter, too. see, doesn't that make her seem like a really nice person? how many friends do i have that are willing to give me wake-up calls, and then not let me go until they're sure that i'll make it to classes? she might be bad, but she's also good, right?

on my way to class, i stopped in at udf to make sure i was on the schedule for tomorrow. susan had forgotten, but she told me, 'but by all means, work! they'll be glad to have the help, and it will be the perfect time to make this store look nice! we've missed you!'
how can you quit a job when your boss says things like that every time you see her?

i went to all of my classes. marie has today and wednesday off, and she works tuesday, but it's the exact same shift that i work at udf, so there was really no way that i could see her until thursday. i thought a break would be good...
but i went to work and her car was in the lot. jane was supposed to close with alyssa, but she was sick. they called marie in to do it. i was supposed to run the floor from 4-9. i HATE running the floor. i got yelled at by jacqui today, twice. once because i went into the office to get somebody a till, since marie and alyssa were busy. the floor runner is not supposed to be in the office. and once because there weren't any carts, because i sent a lazy bagger out to get them, and then assumed that he had done what i asked him to. instead, he had gone to the back 'to get his coat,' and then stayed back there for 15 minutes, until his shift was over. it's a pain to make lazy people do work. it's way easier to make the hard workers do all the work, but that's not very fair, is it? i hate running the floor...

rashid and i talked about jacqui. he thinks she is looking particularly hot today. we joke our way into a conversation about jacqui and her roommate, and then we wonder whether she and her roommate are dating. he says we need to do research on that, like we did on terrie. i tell him that terrie was a lot easier to stalk, and he agrees. he says maybe we should get outside opinions. he says marie might know something... she might. marie knows lots of odd things. but i don't want to ask her. marie knows i'm gay, and she'll probably think that i'm asking because i think jacqui's hot. i suppose since i do, she'll figure it out no matter what... but whatever. i make rashid ask, but i go up there with him. we both peer over the door, into the cash office, and he asks, 'you know jacqui and her roommate? are they... like... you know...' and he wiggles his eyebrows a little, to get the point across.
for a minute, she just looks back and forth between the two of us. i don't know why it's so awkward talking about gay people to marie and rashid, but it is. i suppose it has something to do with the fact that marie knows i'm talking about gay people as 'us' and rashid thinks i'm talking about gay people as 'them'... but still. i don't see why it's so weird.
anyway, after she stares us down for a while, she volunteers her opinion. 'you know, the first time i saw them together, that's what i thought, for sure. but sometime, she tried to date a guy.'
'she did?' i ask.
'who?' rashid asks.
'i bet it was rashid, wasn't it?' i joke.
marie laughs and says she doesn't really know the details. she just knows that sometime, somebody was talking about jacqui wanting to date a guy.
rashid and i are disappointed, but not ready to let go of that theory just yet...

i was a bit jealous of alyssa, since she got to close with marie, and the only time any of us ever get to close with marie is when one of the ascs are on vacation. so when she said something about how i was lucky, because i had a short shift, i was quick to volunteer to switch with her. we did. i stayed til close with marie. it was actually not that frustrating. we laughed a little and worked pretty hard, and took mini-breaks here and there, to wrestle each other for my lego allen iverson.
the one bad part came when tyrone arrived for the night. marie, who was the banker (responsible for counting all the tills) had just gotten a till to count. she decided she would rather show her new pictures to tyrone. rashid wandered over to see them, too, and since he was there, i didn't feel awkward looking at them too, so i did. they were of her kid... it's the kid that i know she has, but she doesn't know that i know that she has it. rashid is in the same boat as me. so he asks, all casual, 'who's that kid?'
marie answers, 'that's my son,' and her voice is all strained, like she's ready for me and rashid to go all insane, like 'you have a son?!?!? oh my god!!!! i didn't know that! that's insane! you're a ho!'
instead, rashid and i share a little smirk, and then i remark, 'he's cute,' and rashid quickly agrees. and i swear to god, i heard her let out a little whoosh of air, like she had been holding her breath... but maybe i'm just imagining things, trying to make her seem more human...
but once that moment has passed, she shoves me toward the office and tells me to count tisha's till. i get mad. i don't know if i have a right to get mad or not... if she was talking to her grandpa or somebody, i would just go count the till. but she's talking to tyrone. she wants me to do her work so she can flirt with him, and that's unfair, and it makes me pretty jealous. so i tell her, 'no. do your own work. maybe i feel like taking a break, too.'
she's pretty good at pushing me around, so she forces me into the office, and then locks me in. i taunt her, 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink,' and then i grab a stool, hoist myself up onto the doorknob, and climb back over the door. then she tries to threaten me into counting it, and then she tries to pinch me so hard that i give in. i don't. eventually, she gives up and flirts with tyrone while i stand there, and even though i didn't give in, i still feel like i've lost.

tyrone goes to work, and marie counts tisha's till. she's mad at me for a bit, but then she gets over it. we talk a little about g, and i say that she's a good person, but she's a stinky worker. marie says i only like her because she's 'bad' like me. i want to come out of the closet to everybody. talking to marie is so real.

we get done almost a half hour early. i figure she'll go flirt with tyrone, and i'm mentally preparing myself to be abandoned, but she has to run the cash count results upstairs, and i have to go up there to put in a request for mlk weekend. we go up together, and we end up spending the entire time up there, just talking like regular friends. we read through the request book, and then we look at the new vacation schedule, which has just been posted, blank. we try to figure out when to take our vacations, and we try to figure out when we'll move into our new place. she says maybe we can move as early as april. i'd do that. eventually, we go back down and clock out, and she does talk to tyrone for a little bit... but by the time i've bought my pb&j sandwich snack-pack thing, she's done, and we walk out to her car together, playing with her koosh ball. we play at her car for a little bit, and then we go home. and besides that small tyrone problem, it was ok. if i just knew that it would stay like this, i would be fine...