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waaaaahhhh! my christine!!!
tragic_4 is right. going to bed early and waking up early is great! i've accomplished so much this morning... but i've got to go to work in 5 minutes, so instead of talking about it, i give you this:
It seems like it would be good for you to live with Marie, but be careful, when Terrie and that one girl from the office moved in together, they started to hate each other.

i don't really know why he thinks it would be good for me. i don't know if he knows that marie knows that i'm gay, and i don't know what he means by 'it would be good for you.' he had initially talked to marie, and she told him we would be living together, and i don't know what else she told him. he asked me, and i just explained the situation with her mom, and said so i guess i'm back to moving in with her again. i'm not sure how that's going to go, but it beats a cardboard box...
so i don't know if i should take this as advice from somebody who knows the entire situation, and still thinks that moving in with marie is a good idea, or if he's just trying to say that moving in with marie is, indeed, better than living in a cardboard box.

my point wasn't marie anyway. the point is that christine has been reduced to 'that one girl from the office' and i think i'm going to cry!!!

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ouch...I had to read that sentence like 3 times, because I was like "that one girl from the office?" what? who? I thought terrie lived with christine??? And then I finally realized that christine WAS "that one girl from the office"...I was like "what? christine isn't 'a girl from the office'!! How could you say that!!" even before I even read the rest of the entry.
I think I must have caught someone's biased view somewhere along the line...heh!

who, me? biased? never...

are you calling me biased? i'm not biased; i'm right!

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