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(no subject)
hmmm... i know i had some other stuff to say about yesterday... but i can't really remember. what did i do? i found that planetout website. i went to toys r us and got a lego set. i went to best buy and took back the cd that i didn't give marie. i got the drumline soundtrack for myself, instead. i went to 3 grocery stores, in search of pancake and sausage on a stick. i didn't find any. nikki found me a website that sells them, though, so i guess i'll try that. i e-mailed my parents and jim, and jim e-mailed me back. i called the landlord and asked about the toilet, and they sent the maintenance guy out, and he fixed it! (well, he fixed the leak. i think he didn't put the toilet back right, though, because it rocks. you sit down on it and it leans so far forward that you might worry about falling off the toilet seat. but as long as there's not water on the floor, i'll just hold onto the sink and not complain.)

all that happened before i worked at 3! amazing!

at work, a good thing happened. sam (the girl) came up to the service desk for a paycheck, and she was complaining about how she had to do tags saturday night/sunday morning. i told her i would do it. i tell that to amit all the time, and he always says, 'ok!' but i never actually get to do it. sam said ok, and meant it!
see, sam is a normal college kid. normal college kids get drunk on saturday nights, and they don't want to give that up to spend 8 hours in a grocery store, hanging tags and making signs. i am not normal, and i think it sounds like an exciting job (since i've never done it before), so this works out very well for both of us. AND on sunday, i'm supposed to work a 5-9 shift, running the floor (i hate running the floor), so if i work her 12 a.m.-8 a.m., she'll do my floor shift. that's great! AND i'm supposed to go home sunday, and my sister's going to be there. so if i'm wide awake at 8 a.m., when i get off work, i can drive straight home. if i'm not, i can go home, nap for 8 hours, and still be on the road by 5, which is 4 hours earlier than i would be if i was stuck working my stupid shift doing that stupid job. i'm pretty excited. sam calls jacqui, and asks if we can switch. jacqui notices that there is one minor problem... i'm scheduled a 4-midnight saturday night, and sam can't close the service desk for me. i say i'll do them both. if i clock out at 11:59 p.m., i can clock back in at 12:01 a.m. they won't have to pay me overtime, and i'll get to hang tags... it's a 16-hour shift, but i've done that before.
jacqui says sam will have to train me sometime, and sam says she promises she'll do it before she leaves on friday, so saturday, i will know everything there is to know about hanging tags and making signs.
when sam leaves, i check the schedule, and discover a 4th good thing about this arrangement. i'm supposed to close with tasha. if we don't finish in time, i can clock back out and clock right back in, and all my work will be done on the clock. i continue reading the schedule, and i discover a FIFTH good thing about it. the only people working a 12-8 are me, amit, and terrie. i'm working the same shift as terrie, and the store will be dead! jacqui won't be there, and jane won't be there... if she wants to talk to somebody, she may as well talk to me, which is sweet...
in the imaginary world inside my head, terrie and i hang tags together, and talk while we're doing it, and then we take a break together and i come out of the closet to her, and we discuss marie and lynn and everything and it's great. in real life, i think she'll actually be doing drug/gm tags, while amit and i will be doing grocery tags... but that's ok. i can still dream.
i think i am the only person in the world who would get excited about working a 16-hour shift and not getting paid overtime. but that's ok.

besides that, marie and i spent a lot of time fighting for lego allen iverson. we annoyed kelly.

once, marie came running into the office. she went straight to kelly, and whispered, 'jacqui just tried to flirt with that policeman, and she got totally shot down... she tossed her hair and acted all sexy, and said, 'hey,' and he pretty much ignored her... it was funny, but i feel bad for her, you know?'
marie is all giggly and gossipy, and kelly was in a bad mood when this shift started. the constant bickering between me and marie has only worsened her mood, so if she ever cared about jacqui's attempts at a love life, she certainly doesn't care now. i do, but marie doesn't even attempt to talk to me. i figure there could be two reasons for this:
1) she thinks i'm 7. she thinks i couldn't possibly understand the words 'flirt' and 'sexy.'
if this is the case, i'm frustrated. i wish she would just talk to me, because i am interested in what jacqui does.
2) she thinks i don't want to hear about jacqui flirting with boys, because she knows i don't like boys, and she knows that in the imaginary world that rashid and i have created, jacqui is a lesbian. she doesn't want to ruin our little fantasy.
if this is the case, i'm not so bothered. so i'll hope it's this.

i think that's all that happened. yay for toilets that flush!