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(no subject)
i'm thinking about that online girl. i'm thinking that maybe she's not so great. i don't mean to be unfair, or to not give her a chance... it's just that i probably read her profile, and got so excited about the idea that she was a real live lesbian, that i forgot about everything else. she might not be anything special. and she might be, too, i suppose, but to find out, i'd have to talk to her. i think i'll just wait. doesn't it make more sense that way, anyway? i can continue to stalk her, and see if her away messages seem like the sort of away messages that could be written by somebody i could like. if so, i can talk to her after i quit udf. because the whole point of meeting an online person who lives close to you is to meet them in real life. and if i'm not going to have time to meet her in real life, then i shouldn't talk to her yet, right? or perhaps that's just a convenient rationalization...