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my first ever poll... you know you want to vote...
at some time in the semi-near future, i'm going to write an e-mail to my parents, coming out of the closet, and telling them everything else that they don't know. i'm going to include livejournal in that list. before i do this, i'm going to go through all my old entries, and make most of them friends-only. my parents don't need to hear my thoughts on sex. they don't need to know just how obsessed i get with marie, or how obsessed i was with terrie. i'm not sure exactly where i'll draw the line, but i'll ponder that later. i do know that i'll wind up with next to nothing in my public lj, because most of the entries have at least one thing that i don't want them to see, even if i'd really like them to see the rest of that entry. so the question is:

after i have made the large majority of my old entries friends-only, how should i go about writing new ones?

split my day into two entries, and make one friends-only, and let my parents see the other.
leave it as one entry, and only make it public when there is no objectionable content (keeping in mind that my parents will probably end up seeing less than one entry a week, and they will probably be pretty dull entries)

if you picked other, feel free to elaborate here:

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I said option b), because even if they do keep reading your journal every day, your journal isn't for them so it's not your responsibility to make a little safe-parent proof thing just for them. But the real question is, if you are parent-proofing out all the "objectionable" stuff, why are you even letting them see it anyway? What kind of stuff would you leave in that you wouldn't tell them directly in the email?

Anyway, it's kind of worrisome, because if your parents are really stalkers like you say, they'll probably read my journal too, which means I will have to stupidfool parent-proof all my stuff too...hey thanks a lot...it's alright though

i haven't really started parent-proofing it yet, so i don't really know how often this will come up, but the one example that comes to mind immediately is the entry where i came out of the closet to christine. i'll summarize it in the email, but i just think it would be nice if they could read about that whole thing, in my own words... they would see how hard it was for me, and how scared i was, and maybe they would understand that i had trouble with this too, and if they're scared or worried, that it's ok. or how about that period of time where i was scared to go to work and scared to look at terrie, just because i thought she knew i was gay? i think it would just be nice for them to know all the insanity that i went through, so they don't think that this is just something i did for fun, to rebel, because i'm trying to be like terrie, or because other people have influenced me into this. but in the christine entry, i'm almost positive that i said something like, 'it wasn't even sexual, this time,' or something to give away that usually, it was sexual with her. and in the same entries where i'm obsessing over what terrie thinks, i'm probably also mentioning that christine smells good, or looks good, or i like her butt...
i like jay's idea, of making a whole new journal, and just making it a copy of this one, but with only the stuff that's ok for them to see... and then you wouldn't have to sutpidfool parent-proof your stuff. but if they were paying any attention, they would realize that i had given them a fake journal, because the whole reason i told them about lj was to explain how i met new people, and talked to people through lj... and in my new fake journal, i wouldn't have any friends, (unless i copied you all over, but who wants to see the same entries twice on their friends lists?), and i wouldn't have any comments on any of my old entries.
so i don't know. i was going to start the lj-proofing before i wrote the whole-story email, because i figured it would take longer. but now, since i don't know how i'm going to go about the lj-proofing, i think i'll just write the email first... and maybe i'll come up with a real good idea before then.

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