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so i came out of the closet, and maybe it's not that bad...
well, that's everything that happened while i was running away. today was another long day, but i'm tired, and i have to work tomorrow, so i think i'm just going to go to bed. i guess i'll just leave you with the e-mail that i sent to marie, to summarize the majority of my day (or the first part, anyway).
    thank you for the e-mail. it made me feel better and it made me cry. but maybe that's because there were a whole lot of things that were making me cry yesterday and the day before that. like the produce lady said she would wait her turn to make signs, and i thought that was so nice that as soon as she went back downstairs, i cried.
    i just answered all my e-mails, even the one from nikki. and i told the truth, too. except for i didn't answer alana's e-mail about the legos, because i didn't know if i should talk about the legos or the other things.
    i thought that idea about terrie, too. when i told amit that i found the green fart shampoo, and terrie laughed, i thought that maybe it would help if i could talk to her, because i bet she knows a lot of stuff. but then i realized that it's not very fair of me to expect her to talk to me, just because it might make it easier for me. and that just because she's smart and she knows a lot of stuff doesn't mean that she wants to share that knowledge with me. and i don't think terrie likes me very much, because one time, i asked her why she was throwing away the cheese, and now she thinks i think i know everything. so i don't think she'd like to talk to me.
    my mom is still not here. i'm still scared that she's coming. but maybe if she does, i can just tell her that boys don't float my boat, and then i can show her the ramen noodle trick, and everything will be ok.