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(no subject)
oh yeah, and alana e-mailed me. she didn't say a thing about being gay. she just asked where i had been, and why wasn't i in class, and why wasn't i online, and was i coming to the bachelorette party on wednesday?
i didn't answer her, because i signed back online, so i'll send her an instant message in the morning. and besides, tomorrow, i'm going to go to class, and i'm going to talk to her. it'll be the first time i've come face-to-face with anybody who received that e-mail. but i'm going to do it. and if she asks me about the bachelorette party, i'll tell her that i'll be there. and when i go, i'll probably see extra, and lauren. and you know what? i'll deal with that too. i'll answer if they ask questions about my sexuality, and i'll be fine if they don't.

i wish i could see christine again, to tell her that i'm letting go of the fence.