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(no subject)
i'm really late to class, but listen to this! alana acknowledged that i'm gay!

saturday evening, i went out to eat with her and extra, and i told them that i was going to a career fair on this saturday. i couldn't bring myself to admit that it was a blgt career fair, so i just said that i didn't know anything about it, and i had just seen it on ibm's website. she wanted to go, so she asked me to send her a link... i didn't even know if it was on ibm's website at all, so i was worried, but i went home and looked it up, and it was there. it just said the date, the location, and that the event was a career fair. so i sent her that link, last night.

i woke up this morning, and i guess she found it on the osu website, because she left me this message:
it's the "BLGT Career Fair" -- Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender..so you are allowed there, but am i?
yay for me! alana acknowledged that i'm gay!

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Hey you, been forever since I commented or even read your livejournal. My computer got a virus so it was down for about a month and a half and wow did I have ALOT of catching up to do with your journal. Alot has happend hey. Im glad you finally came out, as hard and stressful as it was for you. I think that very long email you sent your parents was well written and explained alot about how your feeling and have been feeling for a long time. Well thats all I have to say for now. Could say more but I odnt know how to word it properly so yea Ill just stop while Im ahead.

hey, you're back again! thanks for the comments on the e-mail, and i'm glad your computer has recovered.

Yea well I thought it recovered but yea it crashed again.. so yea will be a while till Im back on again unfortunatly

haha so is she gonna go?

i told her that i didn't think they'd make you prove it, like kiss a girl to get in, so she could probably go if she wanted to. she didn't say if she was going or not, and i felt weird bringing it up again, because, as always, i'm trying to avoid gay topics...

This proves that she doesn't care doesn't it?


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