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(no subject)
after i got back from marie's yesterday, i slept for 18 hours. actually, i slept for 7 hours, and then marie called and woke me up. she told me that school was canceled for me, and she talked to me for a little bit, and then let me go. i went straight back to sleep, for 11 more hours. 5 p.m. to 11 a.m. i think that's a new record...

8 front end people called off today, and so did terrie. they called me in early, and since i didn't have classes, i went. it took me a half hour to dig my car out of the snow, but i made it there. terrie was supposed to be jane's babysitter, so jane wasn't there, and i had to be the banker and do the counter, while alyssa was coordinator. alyssa mostly stayed back and helped me, though.

alyssa acted fine. it was weird for me, because every time she spoke to me, i was thinking that she knew i was gay... but if it wasn't for that, i think it would have been normal. she said that on saturday, they're definitely taking me shopping. we can go out to breakfast first, and then we're going to easton and shopping for girly clothes. i don't have to buy anything, but they definitely want me to try stuff on.

a lot of people liked my hair. a few people, like teena and jane (when she finally showed up) said that i shouldn't let them dye my hair, if i don't want it dyed. if you look at it that way, i should really be mad about that night. they dyed my hair, plucked my eyebrows, marie outted me to alyssa, and then they dragged me to work.
really, the only one i slightly care about is the last one. i don't care about my hair. i wouldn't care if it was purple. i'll put it in a ponytail and wear it and i don't have to look at it, anyway. same goes for my eyebrows. it's a lot easier to let them grow however they want, and i don't care what they look like, so i don't touch them. but it's not like i mind the way they look all nice and shaped... my only problem with those two things was that i wanted to sleep, instead. i'm not upset that i have brownish-red hair and shaped eyebrows; i'm just upset that i only got an hour of sleep that night. and i really did like the idea of coming out of the closet to alyssa, and my only problem was saying the words. by outting me, marie saved me that trouble. i don't care about that. i really didn't want to go to work... but even that, i'm not mad about. it's probably good that i went. i'm not letting them push me around, am i?