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(no subject)
i forgot to mention that my mom called yesterday morning. she was worried about all the snow, and she thought i shouldn't go to work. after she warned me about that, she started talking about the gay thing... she said i did a good job of fooling her. she said that in a way, she's glad i told her, because now she doesn't have to wonder why i'm not finding a boyfriend... she also said that she thinks that i should get a good job, and that she thinks i shouldn't be out at work. she understands not wanting to lie, but she says there's a fine line between lying and telling the truth, and that i should never tell the truth, if i want to be successful at work. she said that in her school district, there is a superintendent who is probably gay. however, officially, he is a 'confirmed bachelor.' some people speculate that he's gay, but he doesn't admit it. he lives alone, and he goes out with 'old friends' and takes vacations with 'old friends.' she says that there would be an uproar if people knew the truth, so it's best for everybody this way. she says that when i leave kroger and get a real job, i should do that. i should be a bachelorette, and if i ever get a girlfriend, and need to introduce her to people, i can call her my friend from high school, or from college, and it will be fine for everybody. then i hear my brother come downstairs, and she changes the subject.

i don't know what i think about this. maybe she's right... but it seems to me that i should get to be myself, if that's what i want. at kroger, i could be completely out of the closet, and happy about it. there have to be 'real' jobs where it could be the same way... so why should i settle for anything less? people have criteria, when they go job hunting... they care about insurance, or about location... and i care about how accepting they are of gays. is there anything wrong with that? if i don't get a job offer from a place where i feel like i could comfortably be openly gay, then i'll just work at kroger for a while, until i do. is there anything wrong with that plan?

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Nothing wrong with that at all. Sounds like a plan to me. Take what your Mom says with a grain of salt...she means well, but has no clue. Trust me, most all of our Moms would be happier if we lived out the rest of our lives alone with 50 cats and lots of books and took vacations with an "Old friend" who is the spinster librarian around the way. Sorry Mom!

your mom's point is valid to an extent. Most places she would consider a "good job" may have a probablem with homosexuals or at the very least homosexuals who "flaunt." That is the world and that is society and it is depressingly realistic. However your point supercedes her point for one basic reason. You are you and you do not have to settle for a company that can not accept you as you are acting as you are especially if you aren't hurting any one.

And if your mom is right then maybe I shouldn't have told one of my supervisors I was gay today...


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