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(no subject)
last night, lj was down, and i know i had a lot to say... but i can't think of it right now. i do know that i just woke up from a very cool dream, so i'm going to share that.

i was somewhere with my sister and jane and an old man named ernest. we got snowed in, so jane said we could all spend the night at her place. and then we were at her place. she took my sister to this extra room, and told her she could sleep there, but i couldn't, because the carpet was broken and there was only one couch. so she took me to another room, where the carpet wasn't broken, and terrie was on the couch. it looked like terrie lived there. jane said i could stay on the floor in here, and i asked terrie how long she had been here, and she said 6 days. that meant she wasn't snowed in. she was just trying to get away from her girlfriend. i wanted some chocolate oatmeal, but jane wouldn't let me cook it in the toaster oven and they didn't have a microwave. so i decided i'd go to bed, but i didn't have any pajamas. terrie gave me an old black t-shirt to wear (it looked a whole lot like the black t-shirt marie gave me to wear, when they dyed my hair, only it fit better, since terrie is more my size.), and i put it on and tried to sleep on the floor. i was cold, and i was shivering quietly, but terrie noticed and said, 'come here, you can share my blanket.'
i got on the couch (it was a really big couch) and she put the blankets over me and gave me a hug and said, 'girlfriends suck, debbie. just find a nice warm girl to cuddle with, and forget about living happily ever after.'
and then we snuggled up against each other and fell asleep.
i woke up and i was in my parents' house, on the same couch. i came out and they were loading up the back of a pick-up truck with lots of packages of toilet paper. my dad was trying to show my sister how to stack them neatly, and to open up packages to fill in the little holes, but she just wanted to throw them. i asked jane where terrie was, and she said terrie had left to take ernest home, and then she had to work. i asked where jane's husband was, and she said he had left to take ernest home. i asked where my brother was, and he was walking ernest home. my mom said, 'i saw terrie earlier this morning. i told her you had her t-shirt and she said she'd get it back in columbus, unless you liked the smell.'
so i tried to smell it, but i couldn't smell it at all. i know that i can't smell while i'm dreaming, so i realized that i must be asleep. so i woke up and tried to smell it, but then it was my own t-shirt, and i was in my own bed, and it didn't smell like terrie at all. and that was it.

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that's an awesome dream.
I especially like the part with the toilet paper.
I kind of like the terrie part too. I'm probably just happy it wasn't marie... :-p

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