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(no subject)
why the plan is not looking so good:
marie doesn't know anybody in new york.
kelly knows people in new york, but she doesn't ever visit them. they just exchange christmas cards.
i don't work with terrie for the rest of this week. next week's schedule is posted. she is using up all her personal holidays, so she only works 3 days. monday, wednesday, and friday morning. on monday and wednesday, she's gone by the time i get out of class. on friday, she leaves at 4 and i show up at 4.
i work with jane on monday. i'm going to talk to her about new york and see if she mentions terrie.

marie was supposed to close with kelly tomorrow night. the night cashier called off. so now i'm closing with kelly and marie is being the night cashier. she'll get off at 7 on saturday morning. saturday morning, alyssa, marie and i were supposed to go out to eat and then shopping... i don't think that we'll still go. i suppose we could... if marie slept for 4 hours, we could still go, since alyssa doesn't work until 4... but i don't think it will happen. besides, i'm pretty sure that neither of us will see alyssa before saturday evening, at which point it will be too late. i don't really care about getting girlified, but i do like to eat breakfast, and to have a social life, and to spend time with people who know i'm gay and don't care.

speaking of gay, in debbie-land, i've been having a conversation with jane about terrie. it goes like this.
me: is terrie really quitting this time, or is she going to come back again?
jane: no, she's really quitting.
me: awwww... that's too bad...
jane: i thought you didn't like her (or were scared of her, or something along those lines).
me: well, sorta... but i'll miss her, because she's so good at being gay.
i like this conversation, because i can just see jane's reaction... it would be funny. and i'm sure she would tell terrie, too, so maybe terrie would decide to take me to new york. or something.

limp bizkit MUTILATED 'faith'. yuck!

nikki hasn't really spoke to me since that conversation where she asked if me and marie were more than just friends. she did leave me a message on aim, to let me know that classes were canceled. i talked to her a little bit today about pancake and sausage on a stick, but it seems different... i'm pretty sure i won't be seeing much of nikki any more.
i haven't spoken to my sister, either. that bothers me a lot more than nikki... she hasn't been online as much, and when she is, she just doesn't talk to me. i hope it will be different in person, but i'm scared that it won't.

marie's mom did call the aunt. the aunt wasn't home, so she left a message. we are still waiting. i suck at waiting.

i work with alyssa maybe twice next week. i only work with marie one day. there's pretty much no time that i could spend with marie outside of work, either. maybe sunday night, or thursday after 7. i wouldn't so much care, except for that the bachelorette is over, and i think if i'm going to have a social life, it pretty much has to be with marie.

christine is gone. terrie is leaving. i'm getting tired of marie. i wonder if i should get a new job, or something... can you make a living out of being gay?