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(no subject)
went to bed at 2. fell asleep around 3. woke up at 4. and i was tired before that...

my throat hurts. my nose is running. i am coughing. adn i am tired, very much so.

i have to rashid-proof my cis notes. i told him i'd bring them to work tomorrow. i'm too tired to read them.
i have to do laundry. i'm too tired to move.
i have homework that i will do and turn in, to meet my goal of a C. i'm too tired to attempt it.
i have lj entries that i need to write, but they mostly involve thoughts, and i'm too tired to have thoughts right now.

i think i am going to take a nice warm shower and hope t4 is online when i get out... otherwise, i think you will have to wait unitl tomorrow (after 11) or tuesday...

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awwww... :(
It's 5:48 and you're not there, so I guess I missed you...I guess I will have to just go sit in a corner and cry tonight...or do homework...hm, I can't decide which one is worse...

I hope you feel better though. And that you get a lot of sleep.


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