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(no subject)
yesterday around 4:45, as i got out of the shower, the power went out. this meant that even if i did stay awake, chances were high that i wouldn't get to talk to t4 anyway. that made the decision very easy. i went to bed at 5 p.m. i woke up a 7 a.m. to pee (yes, after having slept 14 hours). the power was back on and i had a lot to get done, so i tried to stay awake... but i was still exhausted. i went back to bed, and i slept until my alarm rang at 10, for classes. that means i slept 17 hours...

my throat hurts. it doesn't actually hurt that bad, and my nose isn't running as much any more, but i'm still really really tired. i'm a little bit sleepy-tired, but mostly it's just my muscles and stuff. i'm sore, like i just ran a marathon or something... my whole body is just achy and tired.

i went to 2 classes, and i started feeling light-headed, so i came home to eat something, and skipped the last two classes. i would call off work tonight, and call it a day... sleep sounds really good... but i won't, for 2 main reasons. one is that i'm closing tonight, and with other shifts, you can make do without people, but you pretty much have to have 2 people closing. even if the one person does it all (like i do with tasha a lot), you still have to have the second person to double-verify the cash drops. they'd have to find someone to replace me, which might not be easy, on such short notice. the main reason, though, is that tonight is my jane night. terrie's last day is in 4 days... so i need to find out about new york, now. and i think i also want to have some other conversations with jane, because i really want to out myself to terrie before she leaves. i have to think this through, but i'm going to clean up my kitchen mess before molly gets home, and then i'll figure it out.