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(no subject)
i have to leave for work in 3 minutes, but i got 2 very exciting emails today and nobodys home now so i had to come type them real quickly. they were exciting, of course, becuase they both mentioned christine. one from molly, saying how christine was a casheir very late one night instead of being office, and that she had some sort of splint on her finger. and one from jim, saying that he went out with christine and a few others who i dont know and they had this wild crazy night and got home at 6 am. i am jealous. i want to go out and have wild crazy nights with christine. but at least i know she still exists. next is to know that she still remembers that i exist. that one might be harder. oh and jim also said that molly and i should go out with him when i come to visit columbus next weekend. i dont want to answer that. it would be fun, but i dont want to say yes to that and give him the wrong idea, so im ignoring the email again. i do that to jim's emails a lot. i feel guilty. ok, i gotta go to work right now.