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(no subject)
last night, at marie's, it was a pain that jane was so perceptive.
but i woke up in the morning, and i was walking around, thinking about the fact that jane figured out that i had a crush on marie, and smiling. i couldn't figure out why it was so funny that she knew...
it didn't hit me until tonight, in the shower. jane understands! for the past 3 days, i've been sitting here talking about how i need to talk to terrie, because i need somebody who understands that i'm really gay, and who gets what i'm feeling... and here straight jane has gotten it all along! ok, so she's not perfect. she can't speak from personal experience, and she can't answer all my lesbian questions (or hey, maybe she knows terrie's gay story as well as terrie knows it!)... but still, i haven't said a single thing to her... she believes that i'm gay, and i've never even told her! and i've never said a thing about liking marie... never, in my wildest dreams, did i imagine that somebody would understand that without an explanation... i had imagined explaining the marie situation to terrie... but jane just gets it! no explanation necessary! she understands! and she says really funny things about marie and avril lavigne! jane makes me happy!

ok, t4 made me laugh forever when she made fun of me for this thought, but i still think that it's almost logical, if you look at it my way...
if i waited until terrie quit, and then after about a month, said something to jane about missing terrie, because she was so good at being gay, i'm almost positive that jane would mention it to terrie. around here, everybody talks about everybody else, and it almost always ends up getting back to that person. only jane, being the perceptive person that she is, would not only relay the words, but also the thoughts behind the words. so some time, she would tell terrie, 'you know, i was talking to debbie the other night... i think you're the only gay person she's ever known, because she said the oddest thing... she said that she missed you because you were good at being gay... and the other day, alyssa said something about taking debbie out sometime... so maybe you and alyssa should take her to some gay place and introduce her to some more gay people, so she doesn't have to resort to saying strange things about you...'
ok, so it's still not probable. but it's better than this:
jane: "hey terrie...debbie said you are good at being gay"
terrie: "oh wow!!! i better go talk to her now!"
ahahahahaha i still think that's hilarious...

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"...so she doesn't have to resort to saying strange things about you..."
I think that's even more hilarious than my version...and it's funny that you actaully want people to say stuff like that about you, in your wildest fantasies at that...
:-D you make me smile

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