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(no subject)
ugh. i'm not asleep.

i miss terrie and it's not even been 24 hours since i last saw her. i used to go weeks, sometimes, without seeing her, and not miss her. but now that i know she's not coming back, it's different.

i miss marie. it's only been 8 hours since she spoke to me last, but i know that she's mad at me, and that she's not speaking to me, and that i'm supposed to be mad at her... but i'm not. i just miss her, and i just wish i knew that she still liked me.

and while we're at it, i miss christine. i would never be upset about those other two if she was still around. i would never be mad at her for stupid reasons, because i would always know that if she was making me jealous, it was my fault. christine loved me, all the time, and she cared, all the time. she never played legos with me, and she was never as gay as terrie... but i miss her anyway.