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(no subject)
these 2 little girls made me laugh today. i was on register today and a mom comes through with her girls. she realizes she forgot to get some tomato sauce, so she tells the girls to wait right there and goes back into the store. so i'm ringing up the order and keeping an eye on her girls. the younger one (probably 4 or 5) takes a pack of gum off the rack, and starts to open it up. the older one (who is maybe 6 or 7) says 'no amy! you can't do that!'
amy asks 'why not?'
the older one answers 'you're not allowed to take stuff without paying and if you do, bad things could happen.'
amy asks 'could i get arrested?'
the older one looks perplexed. she finally answers slowly, 'no, i don't think they can arrest you because you're too young. but i think they could sue mommy and daddy.'
i laughed.

ummm i was talking to this girl, angela, who is 17 and started working there a few months ago (so i never knew her before). she was saying how i remind her of holly (everyone says that-we don't look alike in the face, but we have the same hair, we're both tall and skinny, and we walk alike. or at least that's why her parents have called me holly more than once. they say we have the same posture and we walk the same, so from the back, we look alike). anyway, angela also said that i reminded her of this guy she used to date, even more than i reminded her of holly. she said i was the female version of him. then she said he was a great guy, so it was definitely a compliment. they got along great to this day. i asked 'but you're not dating him anymore?' she said no. when the customer leaves, she turns to me, lowers her voice, and says 'he turned out to be gay.' it's the first time i've heard anybody from around here say that word and not use it in a demeaning way... i raise my eyebrows and remark 'well i guess that's a good reason to not be dating him anymore.' she laughs and says yeah, but he's a real great freind to shop and do stuff that most guys won't do. then she says just becuase i remind her of him doesn't mean i have to turn out that way too. i am absolutely cool. i laugh and say 'i don't plan on it.' i am impressed. i think that it's probably easier to accept a homosexual member of the opposite sex than of the same sex, and i have no intention of coming out to this girl anyway, but it's just nice to know that not everybody in this little town is as closed-minded as i thought.

ashley called me by name today. i felt honored.

everyone who shops there knows my parents. they all ask me how my parents are. when i bag, cashiers are impressed with how many people know me. i am too, becuase i couldn't identify probably half of them. but they all ask the same questions-'how are you?' and 'how's school?' and 'how's your family?' so it doesn't matter who they are. the answers are the same.

tomorrow, church with my family and then work. i miss christine.