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(no subject)
i'm really tired. i don't know why i'm always so tired... i slept 12 hours last night. marie called in the middle of it. she told me that she had talked to tyrone, and she told him about t4 coming to visit. i asked what she called t4, and she said a 'friend.'
tyrone said, oh, a 'friend'
and now t4 is officially a 'friend,' with quotes. i told marie she shouldn't give t4 quotes, because that makes me feel like she's not really my friend, which is all she can really be since she doesn't exist. that confused marie. it confused me too, because i was tired.

i went to work at 11 a.m. today. jane was there and i was tired. she asked why i'm always so tired, and i said i didn't know. she asked, 'are you working too much?'
i said 'no, i don't know...'
she said, 'are you spending too much time with marie, and going over there even when you know you shouldn't?'
jane understands!!!! jane knows everything!!!! jane is perceptive!!! WOW!

jacqui is transferring. when you're a manager like that, you don't get a choice, and they decided to transfer her. i think it's kinda neat that jacqui got transferred the week after terrie's last week. like if terrie's not around, jacqui doesn't need to be, either. but it makes me wonder what rashid and i will talk about. it's a good thing arnicia's still around.

it was a messed-up marie day. i didn't touch her pants but she ripped them herself, so now i might have to buy her a new pair tomorrow? i don't know. i don't feel like telling this story right now, so i'm not going to.

i was supposed to get off at 7. i needed to do the dishes and do my homework (due the next morning) and get to bed early, because i was still tired, and the homework was due in my 1st class, so i couldn't miss it. but shawna called off. jenny called off. rhonda called off. they asked me to stay and get overtime. so i did... i worked until 10:30.

when i was leaving, terrie came in. she needed to use the copy machine upstairs. she said, 'that will never stop,' which makes me happy, because it means that as long as i work late and terrie needs to make copies, i will see her. and if i ever decide to implement a plan to make terrie want to talk to me, i will probably get the chance.

i went home and my dad called. he talked very briefly about the t4 visit. then he asked about classes. i know i'm not doing well in my classes, and i thought i would prepare him, so i just said that i didn't understand most of my classes. this got him started on a HUGE lecture. he wouldn't stop! so i just kept saying, 'ok,' over and over. but then on one of my 'ok's, t4's roommate sent me a funny message, so it came out more like 'o-hehe-k.' he asked what was wrong, and i think he thought i was reacting to his lecture, and he was ready to go into crazy psycho double-length lecture mode, so i quickly told the truth to stop him. but then he switched to very upset mode, only not the yelling kind. it was the kind where he's disappointed in me. and he says, 'well, i guess i'll let you go then.' i think he expected me to go crazy and say, 'no, please don't leave, lecture me some more, and i promise i will get on the internet and find a million study buddies to tutor me in the classes that i don't even bother to attend...' i didn't, though. i just said, 'ok. bye,' and the fake cheerful voice i used reminded me of the tone marie always uses with her mother. i hate that.

so i guess i'm going to do my homework now, and then go to bed. i can't not turn this assignment in...

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hm, you know this doesn't really say anything about gayness....


there ya go bud.



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