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what is wrong with me?!
i slept 8 hours last night, which isn't a whole lot, but it's not too shabby... and now, i've been awake for 6 hours, and i'm exhausted. i went to one class and came home because i was too tired to sit through the other ones. alana and extra said i should meet them at mcdonalds for a shamrock shake. it's 2 blocks away from my house, but i couldn't stand the thought of walking that far... i was afraid i would collapse. so i drove. and now i have maps to look at and tacos to cook and lj entries to comment on and to write and video games to play and movies to watch, and i can't even move from this chair. i just want to go to bed, but it's not even 5:00 yet! i wonder if sleeping will fix this, or if there's just something wrong with me...

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oh no, I'm worried about you - I hope you're ok!! :-/

U just need to try and get into normal sleeping habits again as hard as that is for you to do. But Im sure if you do you won't be so tired anymore. I dunno just a suggestion.

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