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(no subject)
oh and you know what? piper perabo (who plays paulie in lost and delirious) is VERY nice-looking. when she popped out from behind that chair, she reminded me of holly. i love holly. and hey, maybe this ties in to coyote ugly. because piper perebo was in coyote ugly. and i watched coyote ugly with holly. and i still remember holly laying across my legs to get to the remote, and i still love that movie.

(there was a connection there, somewhere. but i've lost it. it's bedtime.)

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One of my roommates freshman year went to high school with Piper Perabo
Okay, so she didn't know her or anything, since it was a big public school and Piper was a few years older, BUT, Piper Perabo's brother Mark was in my former roommate's class! (And she might have known him, but I don't remember)
pretty cool though, huh?

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