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my carpet-muncher story...
i have a final tomorrow, so i need to study. a lot has happened, but i just have one thing to say, because jane rules.

marie was on a 'carpet-muncher' kick, yesterday. she kept calling me that... she was careful to only do it when we were alone, or when alyssa was around (since alyssa already knows i'm gay). and alyssa was telling marie not to call me that, and then talking about my visit to t4 (not like it was related to carpet-munching, though. just like it was related to being gay). it was the first time alyssa acknowledged to me that she knew i was gay, so it made me happy, despite the carpet-munching theme...

later, though, she teased that she was going to tell rashid. rashid is still not so good with all those english idioms, and i figured he wouldn't even know what she meant. she told him, 'debbie likes sleeping on carpet.'
that sounds innocent, especially if you don't speak english, right? ...wrong. rashid replied, 'do you lick it?'
marie laughed so hard that she fell on the floor. i sat on her and punched her over and over, and rashid laughed, and it was actually just sort of funny. i don't know if rashid believes it, just like i don't know if he believes me when i say that i like to look at arnicia. it's just rashid. he's cool and i don't care.

then marie and i are closing down the office, rashid is hanging out with us, and jane is upstairs, writing next week's schedule. jane calls me on the intercom, but marie picks it up. evidently, jane really wanted to talk to me, not marie, so finally marie says, 'ok, but i want to eavesdrop,' and then she turns to me and says, 'pick up the other intercom, carpet-muncher.'
i yell at her for calling me that, and then i pick up the other one and jane says, 'marie! that's vulgar! don't say that.'
marie says, 'there's nothing wrong with being a carpet-muncher...'
jane says, 'yeah, but it'd be like me calling you a -*insert some vulgar phrase that i can't remember, about sucking dicks or something*-! even if it's true, it's not a nice thing to say.'
jane is so funny! even if it's true... i quickly insert, 'but it's not true! i don't do that! that would be... fuzzy!'
jane and marie and rashid all crack up. jane says, 'ok, and on that note, i'll let you two get back to work...'

i'm just happy! i guess this story may not have been the best way to illustrate this, but being gay at work is so easy! they don't care... everything is just funny, and gay is as normal as straight... i wish i would have come out of the closet a long time ago, because things could have been like this for years!

(so if i'm gay, but i've never munched a carpet, am i still a carpet-muncher?)

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that is very disturbing
carpet munching is disturbing
but I'm glad you enjoyed it
(the events at work that is, not the carpet munching)

lol, that was an amusing comment. thank you :-)

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