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i still miss christine
i am turning 7. at my internship, i am turning 7. i suppose it was only a matter of time. anna called me honey the other day, in response to something i said that sounded very 7-ish.
why do i have to be me? i hate it.
at the grocery store, holly was off and ashley was there for a few hours when i was. i heard about her guy troubles. there is nothing more depressing than hearing a hot girl talk about guy troubles, when the guy troubles involve her liking a guy, which they did. actually, ashley doesn't talk to me all that much, and she was telling this kid, isaac, about them. me and isaac are both bagging at her lane becuase she has a big order. isaac is one of those kids that gets on everybody's nerves. he is nice, friendly, and outgoing, but he's just annoying. he says the same thing over and over again, and everybody there talks about him behind his back. but to his face, everyone is nice. you want to like him, becuase he tries so hard to be a good guy-he is a good guy-he's just annoying. isaac was complaining about his girl problems (that he can't get one), and he just wouldn't quit. hearing him complain was getting really annoying, and it was bothering everyone around him. finally, ashley says, as nice as possible 'you know, i have guy trouble, but it's just not something i need to complain about it. everyone has problems like that...' blah blah blah. being nice. but isaac jumps at this chance. ashley is hot. he wants to be that good friend to her... so he says 'tell me about them. come on, details. i want to know. tell me. tell me. you can tell me. its ok, just tell me.' so she gives up and tells him, just to shut him up, not becuase she would normally complain to co-workers about guy troubles. so i now know ashley's complete dating history, from her very first boyfriend to present. and her current problem is basically that she is sort of dating a guy who likes her a lot but she doesn't like him in that way. she likes his friend, who likes her back, but they don't want to go behind the first guy's back. and believe me, that is the super simplified version. it's hurting me. i would give anything to have troubles like that! if it involves me liking a guy, it's a wonderful problem to have. i don't even really want to hear the woes of another hot straight girl, but i can't help it. when a hot girl talks, i listen. it's worse than a reflex.

i talked to angela a little more today. she works 2 jobs, and she seems nice.

i also laughed and joked and talked with jennifer, like always, only this time ashley was watching, and i was glad. i don't do a very good job of talking to her, so i'm glad that she sees that i am a fun person, instead of assuming i'm stupid, like i probably act to her.

i'm supposed to work with holly tomorrow. i'm supposed to go to columbus sunday. nothing ever happens how it's supposed to happen. we'll see.