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that was a good drum break...
it's been a good day.

last night i took a 4-hour nap, played a little sonic (and got farther than i ever had), and then slept for 12 hours.

this morning, i went and got my paycheck. it was the biggest check i've ever had... i cashed it and bought a cell phone, which is charging right now. tomorrow, i will activate it. then i bought a gameboy advance and two games. so i am all set for anything my road trip might throw my way.

i turned in mine and marie's application. she ran a credit check, and together, we are approved. we just have to pick a move-in date.

i went to work and told marie the news. she has vacation the week of june 29th, so i'm e-mailing them right now to request to move that week. marie also reported that she was talking to her mom the other day. she saw some winnie the pooh checks, and she told her mom that she wanted them. her mom replied, 'but it would be silly to get them now. you're moving out soon, and you'd just have to change the address.'
so it seems like marie's mom is just accepting that as a fact. marie can move out! i can have a roommate! in a little over 3 months, i will no longer have to live with the evil roommate who refuses to speak to me!

i think i'm going over to marie's after she gets off work (11) to listen to the new tyrese cd. i have one homework assignment due tomorrow (the last day of classes), so i'm going to do that now, so i can go over if she calls.

i have two finals on monday. i work early on saturday, and after work, i'm going over to alana's to make a study sheet for one of the finals. i only work 3 hours on sunday, so i'll spend part of that day studying for the other one. then i work 8 hours tuesday, and when that's over, i'll study a bit for my wednesday final... when that's over, i'm coming home, packing, and heading to my grandparents', halfway to t4's. (at least, i think that's the plan. still have to check with my dad...)

oh, and i talked to my mom online. she told me i can buy a washer/drier when i move in with marie. she told me she'll come down with the mini-van to help us move, and she thinks it's a good idea to get out of this place as soon as i can, even if i have to pay rent in both places for a few months. and she said she'll get maps tomorrow (for my trip to t4's) and mail them to me tomorrow afternoon. this means that regardless of what my dad thinks, my mom is ready to send me to visit t4!

(can i say max, now?)

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hey there (side note: I was just tempted to type "hey babe" but I never say things like that. I think I am delirious. More on that topic later).

Anyway, I am glad things are going well, just don't drive here if you are still sick. Are you still sick by the way, or are you cured? Even my mom was sort of worried about it when I told her on the phone...

Anyway, I hope we are both totally non-sick by thursday so everything can be cool

(side note: so yeah I was feeling totally better yesterday, but then I had to be super-dumb and do the going out thing last night, resulting in my feeling crappier than ever today. hence the aforementioned delerium. Hoping it is temporary though).


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