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yea so im just sittin here chillin. i guess its about my bedtime. my first day back wasnt all that exciting. i went to none of my classes. ya know, gotta ease back into it, and i'm just not ready yet. so im sitting here listening to r kelly sing feelin on yo booty. 'this is my song for real no doubt said the dj's makin me feel thugged out.' i think i feel thugged out.

played a little intermural softball outside today. it was nice weather, not too hot but not too cold. i suck at softball. but it's fun, and the whole team was no better than me. we had a couple ditzy girls who probably didn't know a softball from a basketball before today, really. so we got crushed. it doesn't matter.

i was downstairs talking to molly today and i brought up that people at home stopped talking to me becuase i think they might have found out something, but i'm not sure if they did, or even if they actually stopped talking to me. sometimes i jump to conclusions. she asked what they might have found out. i told her that i'd rather her not stop talking to me too, so i didn't think it was a good idea to tell her. she said it couldnt be that bad, and that unless it was that i was going to kill her or something, there was nothing i could say that would make her dislike me. i told her not to bet on that, and then left. i don't know why i bring it up. i want to talk about it, but i know that i'm not about to, and it's not nice to keep baiting your friends like that, and then taking it away.

i have tomorrow off too. i'm thinking about maybe stopping up there and getting my paycheck, because i miss christine. i know thats pitiful. i don't care.

tomorrow i'm starting all over. i'm going to go to class and study and catch up on my reading and homework and everything that i've been ignoring all semester. all this is going to get overwhelming pretty soon if i dont start now. i better get worried soon, before it's too late.