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ahhhhh my roommate is EVIL!
since the doctor said to exercise (and because i like it), i thought i'd play some ddr. evil roommate was locked in her room, so i went downstairs, put the volume on very low, and was playing in peace... for about 2 minutes. i was in the process of getting a very combo (i was at 60-something) when she came downstairs and turned on the radio, and then turned up the volume... it completely drowned out the tv, and you (or at least i) can't play ddr when you can't hear the music! i ended up failing that song. i was mad... my first thought was to give up, and go back to my room... but then i decided that if my roommate is going to be a jerk, i'm not going to just give in. so i turned the tv up louder and played, ignoring the radio. i got a combo of over 100! then she turned the radio up louder. so i turned the tv up again and kept playing. i played until i was good and worn out, and then i turned it off and went upstairs... and within two minutes, she was stomping up the steps and slamming the door to her room. i swear she did that JUST to be evil. i REALLY hope they have a place opening up the week of the 29th, because i don't want to wait a day longer than i have to... and even so, 3 months is a really long time...