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this is a rude entry, but can you give me feedback anyway?
the other day, they sent me to taco bell for dinner. while i was waiting, there were 3 girls in line ahead of me. they were three very annoying girls. they were giggling and joking and they thought everything was funny, but to me, it was just annoying, and it made me feel disgusted. which got me thinking... if these girls were three nice clean abercrombie girls with perfect hair and nice make-up, i wouldn't be annoyed. i would probably be amused, or i would be wishing that i had some friends to laugh with right now. the difference is that these girls were white trash. which got me thinking some more... what is white trash? i can look at a person, and almost immediately classify them as white trash or non-white trash... but i don't know how. i don't really know what it is. i just know that i hate it.
at wendy's once, there was this white trash couple. the kids were bratty and annoying and the mom was funny looking and the dad thought he was hilarious, but he wasn't funny at all. and there was this abercrombie girl behind the register trying to be polite, and smiling at all his jokes, and it drove me crazy. i just wanted to tell that annoying man that he wasn't funny and that the abercrombie girl wasn't amused, and that he was white trash. but i don't know why i thought that.
there are white trash people in my family, too. i think they're really distant cousins or something. they come to the family reunion every year. they're very stupid. i'm not trying to be rude, but they really are. like my mom told white trash lady that she was 39 (this was a long time ago). white trash lady was 36. she replied, all excited and dumb, 'oh! i'm almost 39! i'll be 39 in...' and then she counted on her fingers, and finished, '3 years!'
my mom smiled politely, and said, 'yeah, neat.'
white trash lady continued, 'i can't wait! in 3 years, we'll be the same age!'
at this point, i interjected, 'no you won't. she'll be 42.'
white trash lady looked at me in disgust and said, 'look kid, in 3 years, your mom and i will both be 39. see, 36 is how old i am now. add 3 to that, and i'll be 39, the same age as your mom.'
'yes,' my mom pointed out, 'but in those 3 years, i'll be aging, too.'
white trash lady was confused. it took my mom about 5 explanations to get her to understand that my mom wasn't going to stop aging until white trash lady caught up.
if it was somebody like my sister, it would be a blond moment or something, and we would laugh about it. but with this lady, she was stupid and annoying.
lots of adults who work at grocery stores are white trash. i think michelle is white trash. jane is not, and terrie was not. all the adult cashiers are, except for two, and they are grown-up potheads, which i think is a little different.
i think one of my biggest fears is that i'll be white trash when i grow up. i don't know what makes a person white trash, so i don't know how to avoid it, and i don't ever want to be like that. but i don't want to be a stuck-up abercrombie girl either. i don't know how to stop myself from being white trash, though. when i go out with marie and alyssa, or with alana and extra, do you think people look at me as white trash? how would i know?
i brush my teeth a lot, because that's one thing i've definitely attributed to white trash people. a lot of white trash people are missing teeth, or have really ugly dirty teeth. so i'm constantly brushing my teeth. and when i can't, because i'm at marie's or someplace, i chew trident. (when you can't brush, chew on this.) trident makes my throat growl, but it's worth it. still, i don't think clean teeth alone are enough to prevent me from being white trash.
i shower at least once a day, and i never wear dirty or holey clothes, because a lot of white trash people are dirty. but even when they're freshly bathed, you can usually still recognize them as white trash. so good hygiene isn't enough, either.
a lot of white trash people are poor, but not all poor people are white trash, and i'm pretty sure that not all white trash are poor, either. i've seen plenty of white trash teens with expensive clothes and shoes...
i don't know. you tell me. what makes a person white trash?

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can't help you on this one. we're all white trash wannabes here.
no, jk. Well I did have a friend last fall who was trying to be all white trash, and I really didn't like how she seemed dirty and smoked all the time, but besides that I thought she was cool, and so if it's not the being dirty like you said, I don't know. As long as people are clean and not snobby I like them.
I would tend to think the concept is some kind of social construct that people sort of define as they see fit, but I really don't know since it's not really something I think about.

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