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reasons why i am glad i visited t4 (in no particular order)
- it was a good excuse to buy a cell phone
- i feel like less of a loser since i actually got out and did something over my spring break
- i got to see my grandparents
- i got to meet t4
- i got to meet t4's roommate
- i got a super new book and pretty soon, i will share the part of t4's brain where i can meet somebody and immediately apply a set of 4 letters to them.
- i found out that i actually like to eat purple chicken and purple cheese with mushrooms, which means that either t4's roommate (can i find a 2-alpha-numeric-character abbreviation for her?) is a very good chef, or i am suddenly un-picky.
- i finally got to see what's so great about buffy (but i still don't have an obsession)
- i got to see 'bringing down the house,' which was a very good movie, and i got to see it with somebody with a good memory, which made it much more fun after the movie was over
- i got to see what a good ddr player looks like
- for the first time in my life, i got to see a mall with a food court with restaurants that aren't real.
- i almost learned how to be half of a juggling act
- i found out that i probably don't really smell like cheryl or ken
- i learned new phrases, like 'carrying a bed frame,' and 'like a fox.'
- i gained a new obsession with stringed instruments, and did you know that my dad has a guitar that he might let me have, for a while anyway?
- t4 is comfy
- i got to meet t4's roommate's 2 super friends, one of whom is a cool infj!
- it gives everybody at work something to gossip about (actually, i'm not sure if that's such a good thing, but whatever...)

obviously, i have more to say. but i have to go sell back my textbooks and then go to work, so i'll be back to write more later.

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did you know you look like you are carrying a bed frame?

and, uh...my roommate DOES have a 2-alpha-numeric-character abbreviation, remember? In fact, I dare say she probably had it for many years before I even existed as t4...

oh and we probably need to talk at some point...for one so you can tell me more about all the work gossip, also about other stuff



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