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(no subject)
i must leave for work in 10 minutes. i woke up early and i don't know that i'll be able to stay awake until 7 a.m. i'm bringing toys to entertain myself. do you think they would be upset if i brought a guitar?

they misdiagnosed my scalp. they gave me new medicine. this should work.

my dad let me have his guitar for now. i need to find a book/website to teach me lots of chords. and i probably need to figure out how to tune it, too.

my mom, dad, and brother all tried playing ddr. my brother got good fast, and practically caught up to me. my parents were hilarious.

my dad: istj
my mom: estj
my brother: istp

looks like i got a girlfriend.

my mom gave me a religious pamphlet on homosexuality and told me about a group like AA, only for gays. then she said she loved me no matter what.

i thought about kroger today and it made me so happy that i cried. well, i didn't full-out cry, but i got teary-eyed. i'm mighty glad that i work there...

marie called my cell. she said (in response to almost nothing), 'i'm mad at you. so i'm letting you go now.'
i said, 'ok, bye,' and hung up.
that might not sound too special, but trust me, it's a huge improvement over what i would have done pre-march 24th.

i picked up a paycheck from work. sam (the girl), jamie (the girl) and alyssa were at the service desk and they talked to me. jamie thought that alyssa, marie and i were roommates. sam said, 'if i lived with marie, i would strangle her. i'm sorry, but i would.'
which made me realize right quick that living with marie might not be so much better than living with unmentionable evil roommate, if both of us don't make some changes. so maybe we will. i'll do my part, anyway. i'll decide what my part is later.

guess that's it for now.

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I definitely see a big change in the marie thing from pre-march 24th you. in fact...you sound almost sj-ish about everything in this entry. But that's probably because you wrote it fast.

they misdiagnosed the scalp thing? how?

speaking of scalps, i told my roommate the story about green fart shampoo and she was very amused.


i think i'm only sj-ish because i was writing really fast and skipping all the thinking that should have went along with this stuff. especially in the case of the religious pamphlet... i had to work very hard to keep from thinking thoughts on that... am i being sj-ish about marie?

they didn't majorly misdiagnose the scalp thing... it's just that they gave me the wrong shampoo, and i was mostly using the shampoo, not the mousse... so they gave me different shampoo and new mousse and i think it feels better already...

oh, and I think you're just being smart about marie. NFs can be smart too, every once in a long while... ;-)

hmmmm you need to write more about what is happenin! u have a gf?? Fill me in haha its drivin me nuts I wanna know what happend to you over spring break and everything! hope to hear about it soon... later!

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