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(no subject)
i should be catching up, but...

i was at kroger redeeming my instant lotto ticket (which i bought because being the night cashier is the most boring job ever), and i decided to pick up a few things while we were tripling coupons... so i went through u-scan, and marie was running it, and being goofy and taking over my station so i couldn't pay. i went up to where she was and tried to hit the payment key, and then michelle came out with a till for marie. sam (the boy) needed a lunch. marie whined that she didn't want to, and i said, 'yeah, she'd rather stay here and be a jerk to me.'
marie replied, 'you're damn straight, i would.'
sexuality immediately comes to mind, and i ask in surprise, 'i am?!?!?!?!'
marie laughs and says, 'well, no...' and i laugh too.
michelle has this really uncomfortable look on her face, and she says, 'so.. uhhh... anyway... will you run sam his lunch?'

i made somebody uncomfortable! i talked about my sexuality and i was comfortable and she wasn't! i am the BOMB!!!!!

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err....okay, but being happy about making someone uncomfortable isn't exactly a nice kind NF-ish thing to do...tsk tsk little one...
:-p :-p

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