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(no subject)
at 2 p.m. yesterday, i got into bed for the night. then i decided i should shower first, so i got back out of bed. at 2:30, i realized that i really shouldn't go to bed now, or i would never be able to straighten my sleeping schedule out by monday morning, when i needed to wake up at 10 for school, and stay up until 11 p.m for work. so i went downstairs and sat on the couch, wrapped up in a bunch of blankets, and watched 2 of my new dvds (undercover brother and switch). neither of them were very good (but maybe i only thought that because i was really tired). so i ended up going to bed around 7 p.m. i didn't wake up until 9 a.m., but it was freezing! we turned the heat off because it had been nice, but today, it was cold. so i pulled my covers up around me and went back to bed. i drifted into and out of sleep until 2 p.m., when jane called and woke me up. the u-scan went down and she wanted to know how to get it back up. i talked her through that, and then teena wanted to talk to me about gta3. she has my memory card and is trying to beat the game. i'm pretty sure she's farther now than i've ever been, but i've watched my brother do a bunch of these missions, so i still knew how to help her. when they hung up, first i stopped to think about how happy i am that i work there. those guys are great! then i got out of bed, went downstairs, and checked the heat. it was 51 degrees in our apartment. i turned up the heat. and now i'm up for the day.

things i need to get done:
catch up my lj! i need spring break entries!
clean up this room
find a website to teach me guitar chords
get my bookbag ready for school (i don't believe it starts again tomrrow, already :-( )
do my laundry
call nike to see where my shox are
put the rest of these cds on my hard drive, and then put them away
build the xmas tree, take a picture, and take it down already!
cook tacos for dinner
clean up the legos downstairs
make space in my room for the lego board so sometime alana and extra can come over and help me move it
go through my checking account and get rid of all these reciepts.

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why do you need a picture of a christmas tree???

I hope that you do end up writing more LJ entries so that even if you don't call me I'll have some kind of entertainment later...

miss you

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