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(no subject)
so i was doing good at accomplishing stuff yesterday. i cleaned up most of my room. i prepared my bookbag and did my laundry. i called nike (shox nz are very popular, so they are a little behind, but mine should be shipped any day now). i put the cds on my hard drive, and made them all into playlists. it was only 7:00. i felt like i was being pretty productive, and i figured i'd see if t4 was around when i finished alphabetizing the cases and cds. then marie called. she wanted me to come over, and i told her no. kyle just went home and i know i'm only being second best, and besides, i'm accomplishing stuff. but then she asked if i'd go out to dinner with her, anywhere i wanted... and ever since i was at polaris (where, in addition to fridays, there was an olive garden), i've been crazy dying for some olive garden bread sticks. i figured that i was going to cook tacos for dinner, which takes about as long as eating out... and a social life should always take priority over being by yourself, when all other things are equal. so i said i'd go. as i was about to leave, some random pog im-ed me. pog #4. i thought it would be rude to immediately leave, so i talked to her for a minute or two. she didn't seem psycho, just boring. i'd rather talk to t4 any day. i figured if i left now, i'd be home around 9, and t4 said she'd be around all day, so i'd send her a message if she was online, and if not, i might even resort to calling her on the phone... (scary!)
so i told pog4 i had to leave, and marie and i went to olive garden. i told her t4 was probably coming up in may, and she got all excited and wanted to meet her. i said maybe, and she asked why she couldn't come when we were living together, so she could for sure meet her... so i explained t4's entire summer to her.
our waiter was funny, in a cute sort of way. it was only his second day (we overheard him telling this to somebody else, but he never told us) and he was trying so hard... he was overly polite and attentive. he kept bringing marie more pop, when she was less than halfway done with the one she already had. and then he messed up and brought her some pink drink, and looked really confused when the new drink didn't match her old drink. marie directed him to the table next to ours, where some lady was drinking a pink drink. it was pretty funny...
i needed more chocolate oatmeal. i'm down to only 2 packs, and i was pretty sure that there was a meijer somewhere close to where we are. i asked her and she said there was, and she would go with me. save me the trip later...
we pulled out of the parking lot and she realized that she forgot to leave the tip. we debated going back and then made a very illegal u-turn at a red light so i could go back inside and feel really dumb. the hostesses laughed at me. they were hot, so i laughed with them.
we went to meijer and walked through the appliance aisles so we could make mental lists of all the things we need to buy for 3 months from now, and split it up between us. then we got my chocolate oatmeal and left.
we got hopelessly lost. i wanted to go home the way we came, but she said that would be dumb, because we didn't need to go all the way back to the olive garden to get home. she said to take the expressway instead. 270. i wanted to go east. she wanted to go west. we went west. then we got off to get gas, and the gas station was 1.6 miles from the exit, which put us closer to 70 than to 270, so we got on going south. after a long time of driving, she suggested, 'maybe we went so far on 270 that we ended up south of columbus, and we should have got on 70 going north.'
i agreed, but then we were afraid that we really were going the right way, and if we just went one exit more, we'd see something we recognized. and then one exit more. and then one exit more... it was kind of nerve-wracking... finally, we forced ourselves to give up, and try going north. north was the way to go... we eventually got back to her house, a little after 11:30. i was exhausted. she was exhausted. she told me to come inside and sleep, so i did. we went inside and went straight to bed.
she has an 8:30 class, and since it's the first day, she went to it. she woke me up at 7, and now i'm up for the day... it's early...

gotta shower and feed myself. t4 entry to come later, after i think a little.

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hey it's cool, I'm sorry I got all freaky-commenty on you last night...
If you ever do (scary) call me on the phone, you don't have to tell me when bc I'm usually around and my roommate doesn't ever answer the phone/check the machine...but otherwise I think I'm going to go online less unless you tell me to...since online -> expectations -> bad.

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