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brain overload
sam the boy is bisexual.
the entire world knows i'm gay, seriously. and we now talk about it as though it is just a fact, and i am terrie.
marie had a girlfriend named megan. she broke up with megan on valentines day, and on that same day, marie was 3 months pregnant with a baby that definitely had nothing to do with megan.
this saturday, i'm going to a gay bar with megan. and marie. and alyssa. and a girl named jessie who wants to corrupt me. and nickolas?!?!
marie is planning on cheating on kyle when she goes to the club on saturday.
my god, she is a ho...
i want to run to new jersey as fast as i can...
but on the other hand, i do sort of want to go to a gay club... and i really want to go to sleep... spending your entire day diving on the floor every time anybody talks to you gets really exhausting. life is insane.

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