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(no subject)
it's been a week of ups and downs...

thursday, i got an email from jim. this is nothing new. what's new is that it told me how cute i looked in my work clothes and how hot i looked when i came in wearing street clothes. i know he likes me, but i'm in denial. it's called fooling myself, and i'm good at it. when he tells me he misses me, and it's not the same without me, i can pretend he just means it in a freindly way. i don't have many friends who tell me how hot i look in shorts... so i tortured myself over that for a few days, answered him and ignored that part of it, and now i'm back to fooling myself.

then friday, i was miserable. my internship sucks, and it was especially bad friday. i had no emails from molly, alana, or jim. i had no meetings. and brian was out for the day, so i had to eat lunch by myself. i hate my internship. i wanted to come home, go to bed, and never wake up. instead, i had to go to the store for 6 hours, and deal with holly. i hate being around her now. i'm so nervous and it's awkward, and i hate that. it started out bad. i said something that ashley was involved in, but not her. she said 'don't talk to me. talk to ashley.' she didn't mean to be rude, and it didnt' really sound that rude, but i answered sarcastically, 'fine. i won't talk to you,' and fell silent. she said 'loser, i didn't mean it like that! i'm sorry loser! i'm sorry!'

ok im leaving right now be back later.