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am i still not in bed?
so i was just reading t4's entry about how she might be writing in lj less, so she can get back into the beat of life... and i was thinking that i am one messed up individual. i'm going crazy over here because i don't have time to write in lj. like i feel like ever since spring break, my life has just been piling up on me, and it's driving me crazy. if i want to stop thinking about it and to calm myself down, i'm going to have to take a day and sit down and just write it all out in here, from spring break to the gay bar to now. it seems odd, because you would think that the more of a life you have in real life, the less you would need your lj, but to me, it's working opposite of that. the more of a life i have, the more i need to write in here (and the less time i have to do it, which is seriously making me want to stop having a life, or working. like tonight, i actually considered stepping down to 4 days a week at work, just so i will have a day to dedicate to writing in my lj. i am aud.)