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how i got kicked out of my first gay bar-the short version
they gave me this drink, a white russian, and made me drink it. it made my stomach burn and it made me sleepy but it made all the overwhelming stuff turn pretty and neat. and then another one, but i only drank half before they took me upstairs to sit in the comfy chairs with them. megan jessi and michelle in one comfy chair, and me on marie's lap in the other. but then they wanted to dance, only michelle didn't dance. so they gave me to michelle, who put me in her lap for a while, and then took me to the balcony to watch marie dance and then put me in a chair and said she'd be right back. i was sleepy, so i took a nap while i waited. then this security dude came and woke me up and said i was a liability and i had to go because they can't have people passed out. i said i was napping, not passed out. but he said i had to find my friends and go, and then michelle came back and he talked to her, and then she went and got marie, and then she got alyssa, and we had to leave. and i guess alyssa was meeting a straight guy named tractor who she liked a lot and marie was dancing and having fun and now they probably both hate my guts. and i probably looked like an idiot and i bet jessi and megan and that nice girl michelle think i'm a freak. i suck.