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(no subject)
i am going out with holly tonight. holly and sandy and brandy and me. what is this world coming to? i don't even know what happened. i am confused. and it was the worst day of work in my whole life becuase i fucked up everything and i would be surprised if they aren't dying to fire me becuase time and time again, i came close to losing hundreds of dollars in profits for the store. i am shaking. i couldnt stop. holly says you've had a rough day and gives me a back massage and tells me to go home and rest up for the night. becuase we had already decided that we were going out tonight. but not til 11, when she gets off. i don't know why my parents aren't home yet. i should wash the dishes. i have to wake up at 6 tomorrow becuase of my internship. i should say no i can't go. i can't tell holly no. i didn't want to tell her no, either. so i'm going. i think i'm making very little sense because i can feel my head spinning. i'm going to wash some dishes.