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(no subject)
i just don't get it. sometimes i feel like i'm an entirely different species than everybody else. i don't get life, i don't get death, and, most of all, i don't get funerals. why do people have funerals for dead people? why do they want to make themselves sad like that? why do they waste so much money on somebody who's already dead? and why does being sad at a funeral seem so selfish to me?

when i die, i swear, i want people to throw my body in the ocean, or toss it into a bonfire, or get rid of it in the cheapest, quickest way possible. and when they're done with that, i want them to take all the money that they were going to spend on a funeral and cards and flowers, and i want them to do something really fun, like go to cedar point, or play bingo, or go watch a comedian. i believe that they care about me. they don't need to kneel, crying, in front of my dead, decaying body to prove it.

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funerals are selfish in design and nature and have little to do with the dead. The are unequivically for the living. they are, from what I am told, supposed to lend closure or at least a mega stepping stone to closer for the family friends and loved ones left surving the deceased.

i think essentially it's supposed to be the point where everything becomes real.... and everybody always handles real in a different way

my 2 cents


i think that's dumb, though, because they just make people cry. everybody was coping and getting on with their lives, and then they went to the funeral and cried all over again. if they had a funeral for dead people every month, people would cry every month, and they would spend their entire lives dwelling in the past.

maybe it's different for this, though. are people usually dead for a week before they get a funeral? i think it's just because of easter. maybe if it had happened right away, it would have seemed like closure, instead of feeling like we were digging up what we'd already put behind us.

I think all rituals in general are designed to give people some kind of overall sense of meaning in life...
and I don't know, but I think most people would probably feel more selfish tossing a dead body off a bridge and then driving off laughing in their convertible to an amusement park, radio blasting and hair blowing freely in the wind...at least at a funeral they feel like they are paying appropriate respects?
I wouldn't know though, since I've never actually done either of those things...

i've never done either of those things either, but you're probably right, sort of. i think that is another time where my logic doesn't match my feelings. i'd imagine that if i did throw a dead body off a bridge, i'd probably feel selfish and guilty. but logic is telling me that it's the right thing to do... so i don't know. i'm going to write more about this later, i think.

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