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(no subject)
i am scared of sars.

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Don't be. Theres really no reason to be, You basically have to come into direct contact with the infected person, usually this is a family member who already has it and has travelled to Hong Kong or whatever. Since I live in Canada Sars is a big deal here, but they say you'll more then likely get hit by a car then contract the Sars virus. Don't get too worried about it. Im not.

oh, that's good. i didn't know it was that hard to contract... somehow, i was thinking it would just travel across the air from some hospital downtown, and infect me, which was a pretty scary thought.

(thanks... every hypochondriac needs a little reassurance here and there...)

since they found it in a hospital...well they thought they had anyway...about fifteen minutes away from me I am glad your theory is incorrect...

i think I am mored scared of screwed up kids going to school and killing people AGAIN...i think my sister needs to home school my niece and I will sleep easier...goodnight


Yea the histeria of it all is getting a little out of hand. Here in Canada most the cases are in Toronto, and most of those cases are dealing with families that have it from one specific person from that family comming down with it first, you can't get it because someone in the hospital down the street from you does. I was kinda worried about it for a while since my parents do work with the public alot, but here in BC we've pretty much only had suspected cases (most turn out to be this damn chest cold or broncitus thats goin around, I have the chest cold and trust me people were kinda afraid of me cause they figured I had sars) its overrated but still its good to be a little cautious but nothin to alter your life around. I think with all the reporting on it and shit, is what is making people nervous.

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