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(no subject)
ok, so t4 and i resurrected something i said a long time ago. i believe it went something like this:
i want to have wild, pornographic sex with terrie, and then i want to curl up in christine's arms and fall asleep.
so obviously, it's no longer true (the first part, i mean), but it made me think of something else. right now, i want to have wild, pornographic sex with marie, and then i want to curl up in marie's arms and fall asleep. but i don't want to date her. i don't ever want to be her girlfriend. i just don't like her in that way... so what's missing? i like her as a friend, i like cuddling with her, and i'd like to have sex with her... how else can you like a person? if i were to meet a girl who wasn't marie, and i thought she was a good friend who i wanted to cuddle with and have sex with, would i like her as a girlfriend? or is there a 4th way to like a person, that needs to come in combination with the other 3, in order for me to like somebody as a girlfriend?

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dude, I'm so glad we're not dating anymore...because you don't understand how much of a relief it is to be able to read an entry like this and not have to freak out...ah, I haven't felt that feeling in a while... :)
I love you man! (as a friend of course)
so that's the best man...where's the maid of honor? hehe not funny...

the fourth thing is called a "zing." the feeling that has no true description but it makes you want to settle down and be with that person for some extended period of time with some form of committment...and actually be happy about it.

the fourth is the ziiiinnngggg


is it possible for me to feel the zing with somebody, but to not like them in that way? like, the way you describe it, i think i feel the 'zing' with rashid, but that seems rather weird, because i would never date him or have sex with him...

random, unrelated question

does pinky have a planetout profile?

Re: random, unrelated question

yes, actually, she does (i know this because i am a stalker, not because she has told me)... they all told me that they had outincolumbus.com profiles (but by the time they told me that, i had already stalked them and found them.) but yeah, pinky's planetout name is insidemac... why do you ask? she's not your random pog, is she? that would just be weird... i don't think that the rest of them have planetout profiles...
hi, i am a stalker...

Re: random, unrelated question

HAHA because I saw it and thought it must be her, and it was...no she is not the random pog (thank goodness?) but I was looking to see if yours was still up there (and it's not right? I didn't see it, but wasn't surprised because I figured you might have deleted it because of scary pogs) but while I was looking I saw this girl who was from that zip code and was 16 and had short spikey blonde hair and I was like hmmmmmmmmm
hi I am a stalker too :-p

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