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not much
ive got 2 midterms tomorrow, but somehow it seemed more important to go to big bear, since i haven't been there (seen christine) for 4 days, and that's a long time... plus, i needed some food too. so i studied a little, and then caught a bus. there were these 2 girls waiting at the bus stop, talking to each other about the store they wanted to go to. i knew where it was, but i didn't want to sound like i was eavesdropping, and it's got a big sign, so i didn't figure they would miss it. i got on the bus first and went to my typical place in the back. they ended up sitting across from me. they spot the store right before the bus stop before the store. they see the bus stop and one of them asks the other if they should get off at this stop coming up. they decide they should, but they don't press the button, so it doesnt stop. one of them says 'i guess this particular bus doesnt stop at that one.' so then they see the bus stop sign for the stop right across the street from their store. they decide to get off at this one, but they still don't press the button, so the bus keeps driving. these poor girls are completely confused. they are asking each other 'is this an express bus or something?' and 'why do they have all those bus stop signs if it doesnt stop?' i want to laugh at them. instead, i reach up and press the button, so it stops at the next stop. they say 'oh, i guess it was just those 2 stops it doesn't stop at' and get off. poor confused creatures. i wonder how much past their stop they're going to ride on the way back...

then i get to big bear and on my way past the service desk, someone calls out 'hi loser!' and i look back and theres a hand waving at me so i wave back. i think it was christine but it could have been j.p. and i'm really not sure. that's a bit pitiful on my part, since it means i can't tell if the hand was black or white, but i really didn't notice. just that it was a hand. i go back past the magazine and book section and tommy is huddled up in a corner, reading a magazine. i ask 'working hard?' as i pass by. he flips me off, but smiles and i know he's glad to see me. anthony is wandering around with some laundry detergent and he spots me and waves cheerfully and jokes 'hey, you wanna buy this since i don't know where it goes?' i laugh and tell him no thanks. joe's coming out of the bathroom with some trash, and he waves and tells me i should go up to the break room before i leave becuase bakery brought up some free donuts. i tell him thanks. i get meat from the deli and nancy weighs it, prints the sticker, and then tosses a little more on for free, just to be nice. i thank her. this all makes me feel good. these people aren't my freinds; i would never do anything with them outside of big bear, but when i'm here it's like one big happy family or something. i'm cheesy, i know. i go to tishas checkout lane and tommy sneaks up behind me. i unload my cart from the front and he unloads the stuff in the baby seat. and then he unloads a bunch of magazines and candy from the rack next to the register also, acts all innocent, and walks off, scratching his cheek with his middle finger. 'hey, i didn't notice anything,' i tell him sarcastically. 'i was hoping you wouldn't,' he replied. but then he comes back over and puts it all back away. marie is on the next lane over and can see me interacting with him, but has no idea what he was doing becuase she can't see the belt. so after he leaves, she's still looking over here, saying nothing, but finally her curiosity gets the best of her, and she asks what he did. i tell her. then i stop by the service desk on the way out to get my paycheck. christine gets it for me, and asks if i went to my classes today. 'uhhh... well, the important ones,' i answer. she laughs and rolls up my paycheck and acts like she's going to hit me over the head with it, but then she just hands it to me and calls 'see you tomorrow,' after me as i leave. i say bye, and then i put the cart back and leave. dana is getting carts in the parking lot and he waves to me when i pass him.

on the bus ride back, the same 2 girls get back on the bus at the stop right in front of their store. it makes me smile becuase i know if they got on at the same stop as me, they'll probably get off at the same stop as me, and they still won't ever figure out that you usually have to press the button to get the bus to stop. and sure enough, they get off the bus right behind me and i hold the door open for them. i hope they don't ride the bus very often. they probably ride it every day and still haven't figured that out. sometimes people are stupider than you give them credit for.

ok so now im going to study for my midterms. actually, i'll probably just jump around to bsb and 'nsync and stuff becuase that was a good trip to the store and i don't really feel like studying. do i ever feel like studying? well, no...