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(no subject)
sunday, my parents sent my sister and me up to the store with a small shopping list. holly was going to be there. i knew i didn't work with her again, so i was going to do everything i could to make sure i saw her again. well, not really everything. i didn't want to be up there for every one of her shifts, like i was stalking her or something. i had done enough of that, and it caused us to not speak for weeks. but one day wasn't going to hurt. holly knows fly. (fly is the older of my 2 younger sisters). they played basketball together the year after i played with holly. the thing about fly is that she's perfect. honestly. both my sisters are perfect, actually, but since fly's closer to my age, i notice it more. my parents try and try to get me to take piano lessons, and then fly gets old enough. so she takes them and they give up on me. they tried to get me to talk about guys to them. but then fly got old enough to get interested in guys, so they gave up on me and enjoyed her. fly is everything they wanted me to be. she is beautiful, athletic, popular, smart... the list goes on. i guess i might be slightly jealous, but really, by now, i'm mostly used to it. i know that when i'm with fly, she is the one everyone is impressed with and wants to talk to, and i am the 7-year old. even around my friends, fly fits in better than me. so i fall into my roll of amusing child, and let fly do her charming little thing. everyone's got their own talents, and being perfect isn't mine. i might sound bitter, but i'm not. fly and i get along really well, actually. she's high on my list of people to consider telling. she's cool. anyway, i'm up there with fly, and we run into holly. she says hey to me, and then to fly. they haven't seen each other in a while, so holly asks 'what's up?' and fly just says gettin ready for senior year, you? holly answers 'oh, just doing the college thing,' and then turns back to me and says 'you are always here! i know you're here way more than me!' i laugh and tell her no way, she's here every time i'm working and i bet she's here when i'm not too. and then i ask her about her last day, and she says it's sunday. i had thought it was saturday, but since knowing that would involve stalking her, i don't mention it. we keep talking about that, and fly taps me and says 'i'm going to go start getting this stuff.' and leaves with the list. i'm in shock. i'm in fucking shock. i hadn't even realized what had happened, but it did. holly had a choice of talking to me or fly, and after exchanging pleasantries with fly, she chose me! i feel so honored. i feel great. holly randomly gives me a hug, and then we talk a minute more, and i say 'so next sunday is really your last day here?' she says yeah, she's leaving for school on monday, so it better be. then she asks 'you wanna hang out sometime before i go back?' i could think of nothing i would like more, and i can't afford to be wishy-washy about accepting this invitation, or i won't get another chance. so i say yeah, and hope it doesn't sound too eager. she says 'hmmm... well i'm going over to brandy's tuesday night at 11:30, when i get off work, but i guess that's a little late for you and your internship, huh?' i kinda roll my eyes, and before i have a chance to even consider it, they call her up to the front. i go find fly and we finish shopping. we pass holly again on the way out, but it's a lot later, and she's not thinking about that any more, so we just wave and say see ya. :-). holly chose me over fly.