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(no subject)
i've decided i like it better when i split up the days.

so monday, holly was working when i got off of my internship, and i had to stop by. i actually had the whole thing planned out. i would stop by monday, thursday, and saturday during her shifts. that way it was spaced out over the weekdays. and if i did it that way, i could come at about the same time every day, so it would look like that's a convient time for me to shop, not like i'm shopping whenever holly's working. i got myself some snack food and went to the front, but i chickened out. both holly and rachel had empty lanes, but since rachel was express and i only had 5 items, i felt like i had to go through her lane, or it would look like i was stalking holly. but holly was only a few lanes over and she heard me talking to rachel, so she turned around and said hello, and teased me for being here too much. i told her she wouldn't know how much i was here if she wasn't here so much. and i promised i wouldn't be back til payday (thurs). we joked a minute, but then she got a customer and i left, and that was it. no mention of tuesday. and since i had sworn not to come back til thursday, it looked like i wasn't going to get to see her again. except for sunday. i had read the book she wrote it in, and i coulda sworn it said saturday was her last day, but she says sunday, and she should know, right? so maybe she would work with me on sunday. that's really the only reason i was believing it-becuase i wanted to. i wanted to work with her again. i like holly.

p.s. but i still miss christine like crazy.