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(no subject)
the good things of the day:
i unpacked a ton more (will i ever finish?)
i got to talk to jane on the phone.
this girl from oic talked to me (online) and i talked back to her, and i pretty much was able to hold up my end of a conversation with a random person.

the bad things of the day (i know i shouldn't be negative, but they're true, so i shouldn't ignore them, right?):
wamae still didn't answer, and i am starting to get the feeling that he's not going to answer.
i'm getting stuff accomplished (that's good), but i have no time for lj. and i haven't met anybody new, or done very well on my goals of talking to people, either.

(tomorrow evening, i should have a little spare time for my lj. but not too much, because i need to get some sleep. monday is the big fix-my-future day...)