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(no subject)
the point was i dont know how i like holly.

jim emailed me he wants me to go on a date with him. i owe him the truth. im afraid. does the whole truth matter? does rejection feel the same, no matter why, or would it soften the blow to know that it's not my fault i don't like him, and it's not his fault either? these are the questions i want to ask my friends. instead, i ask them 'what do i say to jim?' and then get upset when they don't answer the questions that i don't ask. i forget that i can't expect the right answers when i'm asking the wrong questions. do i need to tell him the whole truth, eventually? or does 'i just want to be freinds. the end.' do the same damage?

im going to a party at hollys tonight. shes not leaving til tomorrow. im afraid and happy. ashley will be there. and brandy and sandy and who knows who else... holly for sure though. the last time i'll ever see her... wish me luck.