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(no subject)
at the internship, they give me one free day off with pay. so if theyre going to pay me to stay home, im certainly going to take advantage of the situation. so i slept in a little, and am going to spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.

my good news of the day: (well actually, it has been the good news of the past 3 days...) molly talked to jane and sent me an email that said jane suggested i call sunday night and tell her when i wanted back on the schedule. so sunday night i called jane, hoping with all my might that christine would answer. of course, she didn't. michelle did, and transferred me to jane. i told jane who i was, and she said 'oh, hi loser,' and then added 'christine says hi.' (there is a huge grin on my face as i type this...) i answered, in an excited 7-year-old voice, 'hi christine!!' jane repeated my words, in the same voice, presumably for christine to hear, and i could hear the smile in jane's voice. i sat there and pictured the smile on christine's face that goes with it, and just smiled. i miss christine. she said hi to me! i also arranged to get back on the schedule, so it fits around my classes. my first day of work will be monday, september 17th. 20 more days...