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(no subject)
guess whose last name i just found... when i always used to have to get check-ups for sports, i would go to this doctor right in this area. they always had the typical magazines in the waiting room, but they also had a play area and children's books, and they also had yearbooks from local high schools. they would buy ads in the back to support the schools, and every few years, they would buy a yearbook. this was fun for me becuase i could always look for holly and her siblings while i waited for my check-up. so i decided to take a little trip to the doctors office. of course, i did it at 11:30, right about lunchtime, and i did it on the first day of school. later in the year, parents will take their kids out of school for check-ups, but nobody's going to do that on the first day of school. so i stroll into the waiting room, and there's one other person in the whole waiting room. two doctor's assistants are standing around, talking by the check-in window. i feel pretty dumb, but i act like i know what i'm doing, and go around the corner to where the yearbooks are. i have a seat in a chair, and flip through the one i need. i find holly, ashley, and mandy-last name and all. i repeat it in my head as i stroll out. this time, the doctor's assistants aren't talking any more. they're staring at me, and so's the one lady in the waiting room. i just look straight ahead and leave. damn, with the way those guys reacted, you'd think people never hang out in waiting rooms just for the hell of it or something... oh well. i got the last name, looked her up, and would you believe that she lives right where she told me she lived? what a shock. well anyway, that's my excitement for the day.