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oh yeah, and then there's my dad...
my dad got mad at me the other day. i'm still not quite sure why. he told me to stop at giant eagle on the way home from work. they're having a sale-6 packs of coke products for 99 cents. then he added 'that's a good deal. i can't see how they can make any money off that.' i told him that there was a possibility that they weren't. he asked what i meant, so i explained to him that stores often sell things at prices equal to or lower than the price that they paid for it. there's usually a limit on the quantity you can purchase. these products are called 'loss leaders,' and they typically draw enough people into the store to more than make up for any lost profit on the low-priced item. he thought i didn't know what i was talking about and said 'bringing people into the store doesn't make them any money,' in a voice that indicated that he was getting irritated. i knew he wasn't happy, but i didn't know what to do besides finish explaining. i told him well, in the best case scenario, somebody sees this great deal, has a week's worth of grocery shopping to do, and decides that since they're going to that particular grocery store to pick up the low-priced product, they may as well just do all their shopping there, so they don't have to make 2 stops. but more likely is the less extreme case, where they go in to buy the low-priced item, but end up making a few other purchases (either impulse or planned) while they're there. i guess he figured out that i wasn't just making this stuff up, so then he got really mad. he starts yelling about how maybe if i would spend less time paying attention to marketing strategies and more time concentrating on my internship and my schoolwork and my future, i would get better grades. it was the first time he had expressed any dissatisfaction with my grades. when i had showed them to him, i had just said that my mech eng class was really hard and i studied constantly and that's really the best i could do, and he had said he understood. i had been keeping in touch with them all along, preparing them for my grade in that class by telling them how hard it was and how everyone failed and how i was studying for it. he kept yelling and i told him i hadn't studied that, i had just read it somewhere and happened to remember it. he said i should 'happen to remember' my schoolwork. i said i tried and i couldn't help it. he kept saying i was working too much and not studying enough. i tried to explain that work doesn't interfere with my studies, it just interferes with my social life. i have no social life because i work, but that's ok with me. he thinks i'm only working 25 hours a week. i dunno, he just kept yelling and when i kept insisting that work wasn't related to my grades, he sent me off to bed like he used to do when i was a little kid. that was sunday night, and he hasn't spoken to me since. i don't get it. i'm telling the truth. it's really not work that's making me get the bad grades. it's just me. i'm the one who decides to stay up all night doing nothing and who decides to sleep through classes. i'm the one who decides not to study becuase i don't feel like it. i'm not doing it becuase i work too much. i'm doing it becuase i just don't care about classes or about school or about 'my future.' i didn't tell him that. but can't he just think i am trying my hardest? i'm doing better than a lot of college kids. my cumulative gpa is about a 3.6 or 3.7. that's perfectly respectable, and every one of those points are for him and my mom and all the other people who think school is the right thing for me. i'm not getting those grades for me. i don't want him to be mad at me, but i don't know what to do. i'm not even really sure what he's upset about. is he really upset about my grades? or is he upset that i'm working, when i don't need the money? or is he just upset becuase he doesn't like it when his kids know more than him, and i knew how it was possible for giant eagle to sell their pop so cheap? i want to apologize becuase i don't like fighting with him, but i don't even know what to apologize for... so i've been avoiding him. nikki is home tonight and i'm going out with her and anthony, and by the time i get in, he should be in bed. if i go to work early tomorrow, i won't see him in the morning. maybe in that time, i can figure out what exactly i need to say to him to make this better.