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(no subject)
here's what i don't get. it's bad to be dependant on one person, right? like, when my happiness all depended on marie, that was bad. it was even bad when it all depended on christine, only to a lesser extent, because of the different nature of the relationship. so the solution is not to put all your eggs in one basket, right? you depend on one person some of the time, and a different person other times... and that's how it should be, right? you should let yourself get attached to a variety of people, and never get so attached to one of them that the rest of them stop mattering...

but then why does marie think it's ok for her to depend on megan like that? she says she can't sleep without having megan with her... and she says when i grow up, i'll understand it, like my way of looking at things is childish, and she's the mature one... but i think i understand it just fine right now. marie is moving in with megan, because she can't stand the thought of sleeping or eating or breathing or living without her... if megan broke up with marie now, where would that leave her? if megan got in a car accident and died, marie wouldn't be able to sleep, eat, or breath, and who wants that? so why is she telling me that i need to grow up, or fall in love, to see how things really work? aren't you more rational when you're not in love, and can look at the whole situation objectively?

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Now you know that Marie is ALSO a hypocrite.

i guess she must be... but she seemed so sure that she was right in both her actions and her words that i thought i was crazy to think that they didn't match...

when you are in love, at least during the first stage, you tend to view life through rose colored glasses. THe not so cheery version of that statement is simple. When you are in love you are stupid!

Now I know a lot of people gay and str8 alike who feel and act the way marie does. It may be more extreme or not as extreme but the feeling is the same. "i love this person I want them beside me." Is dependant but it's a comfort level thing too. The person has to know the difference between "want" and "need." I think essentially, at least from what I have heard and read, that Marie does not know the difference in the two and you are probably figuring it out better than a lot of people I know, myself included.

i hope that if i ever fall in love (with somebody who actually loves me back, to make it a possibility), i will never be like that...

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